So we live in this little town of Maclean, the Scottish Town of Australia.
But it has more than just Scottish heritage and the Easter 
Gathering of the Clans.
We also have some fabulous cafes and dress boutiques.

Botero Café & Restaurant is one of the best.

At Botero, they’re serious about their coffee. They roast all coffee weekly, on a state of the art roaster in a world-class facility.

Botero is built on quality offerings, and it is this quality and level of professionalism that has seen their blends served at an ever increasing number of cafes and fine establishments across Australia – from Hobart in the South, to the Sunshine Coast in the North, to Armidale in our West.

From the finest sourced ingredients to a finely honed menu of deliciously roasted blends, their commitment to exceeding the expectation of their customers’ shows a strong sense of pride and dedication.

Pop on into the café restaurant and you’ll discover that they’re also serious about great service, and great food. Sit back and relax as you are served in style.

If you go to Botero on a roast day, you’ll also be able to sit and watch the coffee being roasted – essentially going from green bean, to your cup. This is fascinating.

Owned and operated by local husband and wife team, Danny and Jill Young and supported by a team of versatile professionals, Botero is proud to call Maclean home.

A must on your list of things to do when you come and stay in Maclean.